Profile dietician (EN)

My name is Trutchka Bouterse, registered dietician and coach. I graduated from the University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam.

Before my study in Nutrition and Dietetics, I spent 15 years working in numerous hospitals. At the VU Medical Centre I worked as medical secretary on the Thoracic Surgery and Intensive Care departments, and at the BovenIJ hospital I worked as a doctor’s assistant.

I gained experience as a dietician working at the dietetics departments at the BovenIJ and OLVG hospitals. In 2014 I started as an independent dietician in Surinam. Additionally, I am a visiting teacher at the Medical Science Institute in Surinam, where I teach courses in Nutrition and Dietetics.

What can I do for you as a patient?

I have expertise in the field of nutrition and dietetics and make my services available to clients by giving food- or dietary advice through individual interviews, establishing
effective treatment plans and by supervising effectively.

Mission and vision

  • Diëtistenpraktijk Trutchka ensures sound nutrition and dietary advice in the broadest sense of the word, with the idea that a good nutritional status is important for a healthy life.
  • Diëtistenpraktijk Trutchka wants to help patients/clients with drastic diets to learn how they can enjoy their diet and how they can normally join social activities in which food plays an important role.
  • Member of the Dutch Association of Dietitians
  • Member of the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN)
  • Registered in the quality register Paramedics
  • Member of the Surinamese Association of Dietitians
  • Member of the Celiac Association (NCV)
  • Diabetes Association Netherlands
  • Member of the PDS (stimulus bowel syndrome) association
  • Registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Paramaribo